Triple Crown Athletic offers a unique program called KidFit. KidFit is open daily from 4-7pm. We have several opening for the after school program. If you are interested in registering your child or children between the ages of 5-11, please complete the below form. Let us know, the age of your child, the days of the week you want them to attend as well as the start and end time each day that you would like to participate. The standard rate is $10 per hour / 10hrs for $79. We do offer monthly pricing as well. The KidFit program can produce life-changing benefits.

Studies show that children who have 1 hour of exercise a day have improved academic scores, reduced disciplinary issues, less stress, higher self esteem and make better health choices. Sign up now! We do NOT offer pick up services.

Registration for After School Program, For more information, please call 1+ 859-534-2891