Want a break? Want to improve the life of your child? Are you looking for something fun?

Did you know that children who exercise at least 1 hr a day can experience improved academic scores, reduced disciplinary issues, less stress, have higher self-esteem and make healthier choices.

Triple Crown Athletic offers family fitness programs for all ages. Our KidFit program is designed for Kids 5 and up, however parents are free to join in. Our facility features 10k square feet of a combination of Olympic lifting, Crossfit, Kickboxing and Railyard Fitness obstacle course equipment & soft wrestling mats.

Our instructors keep the classes fun while mixing in different cardio, gymnastics, striking, balance and weight resistance exercise. Come run, jump, crawl, climb, punch, hit, lift & throw things with us!

Open M-F 4-7pm & Sat 10-12. Other hours, birthday parties, events available by appointment only

KidFit at Triple Crown KidFit

An fitness program for kids 5 and up with the desire and ability to participate in running, climbing, crawling, tumbling, push, throwing, punching, kicking in a controlled and organized environment. The Triple Crown KidFit program is designed to engage and challenge your shild on a daily basis. The program includes cardio kickboxing, balance, fitness related exercise.

What is KidFit?

A fun and challenging program for active kids 5 – 12 years old. In KidFit kids will jump, run, crawl, tumble, push, squat, climb, slam, balance and even hit their way to fitness. Our portable obstacle course, wrestling mats, weighted equipment and striking bags offer a activity for the entire family or sports team.

Studies show that there are life changing benefits to children that exercise at least an hour a day.

Obstacle course balance, jumps, runs & crawls

Floor gymnastic, tumbling & rolling movements

push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, leg lifts & squats

ball slams, throws, balance, toss & carries

Sled push, pull & rope climbs

Punch, Kick, Elbow, lunge, jump

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Equipment used:

  • Wrestling and other soft floor mats
  • Boxing, kickboxing, muay thia hanging and portable bags
  • Floor level gymnastic blocks & beams
  • 6-36 inch high obstacle course corners and rails
  • Ropes, sleds, kettlebells, weighted equipment & more
  • KidFit at Triple Crown KidFit
    KidFit at Triple Crown KidFit

    Studies show that there are life changing benefits to children that exercise at least an hour a day.

    Academic scores may improve

    Disciplinary issues decrease

    Stress is reduced